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There are three registration stages available for participants. The early registration phase was open until 15th May, 2023 31 May 2023, the regular registration will remain open until 30th June or until the tickets run out (whichever comes first), and the late registration phase will be open until 17th July 2023. We advise opting for early registration as it offers a reduced registration fee.


Kindly be advised that our registration fee is a fixed flat rate, regardless of the duration of attendance. Even if you plan to participate for fewer than five days, you will still be charged the same fee.

Registration fee grants you access to all courses and covers lunches and coffee-breaks all days of the school, 3 social events, and free public bus transport in Ljubljana city. Please note that accommodation expenses are not covered in the registration fee.


If you’re a TAILOR student who wants to attend the  3rd TAILOR summer school, co-organised with the ESSAI & ACAI 2023 summer school, please pre-register before 30th May 2023, using this form:

Once the TAILOR  project office has confirmed your status as a TAILOR student, you’ll receive a unique coupon code that will waive your student ESSAI & ACAI 2023 registration fee.


It’s important to wait until you receive confirmation of your status and unique coupon code before registering for the ESSAI & ACAI 2023 summer school. This will ensure that you receive the full benefits of being a TAILOR student and won’t encounter any registration issues.


Current price

  • Regular price - 220€
Please note some of the lectures might not be available online. See below for more information.
Register Now!

This offer is available until 24 July 2023 or when the tickets sell out, whichever comes first.

List of unavailable courses via online stream:

  • SRDJAN VESIĆ – Introduction to computational argumentation semantics
  • FRANCESCO KRIEGEL – Explaining and Repairing Description Logic Ontologies
  • MICHAEL ROTH – Large Language Models: Background and Applications
  • DRAGAN DODER – Introduction to computational argumentation semantics



If cancellations are made before 23rd June 2023, the entire amount paid will be refunded without any cancellation fee. For cancellations received between 24th June and 7th July 2023, we will charge a 50% cancellation fee based on the amount paid. Unfortunately, cancellations received after 7th July 2023 will not be refunded, and the full amount paid will be charged as a cancellation fee.


Please note, a processing fee of 25 EUR will apply for all cancellations.

ESSAI & ACAI 2023 voucher for ESSLLI attendees

The 34th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) is scheduled to take place from July 31 to August 11, 2023, at the same location as ESSAI & ACAI 2023. Participants who register for ESSLLI 2023 are eligible for a 50 EUR discount on the registration fee for the ESSAI & ACAI 2023 summer school. A voucher will be provided once your ESSLLI registration fee has been paid. It’s important to note that if you cancel your ESSLLI registration, the voucher will also be canceled.