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Srdjan Vesic

CNRS researcher affiliated with CRIL (Lens)

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Srdjan Vesic is a tenured CNRS researcher affiliated with CRIL (Lens). His research consists of work in argumentation theory and its application in e-democracy, the use of argumentation in legal reasoning and ethical guidelines for such approaches. Another topic in focus of Srdjan’s attention is the acceptability of technologies (such as artificial intelligence) by humans. His other research includes the work on the methods for measuring and decreasing inconsistency of knowledge bases, methods and logics for reasoning under inconsistency and studying properties of judgment aggregation rules.

Srdjan published more than 70 scholarly publications (including in Artificial Intelligence journal). He gave several invited talks and tutorials, including the tutorial about ranking-based argumentation at KR 2018. He is the founder and the coordinator (with Gabriela Pigozzi) of Online seminar in computational models of argument – OSCMART. He regularly serves as a PC member at all the major AI conferences. He organised several conferences, and I will be a PC co-Chair of ECSQARU 2023. Srdjan is a member of the gender equality group of CRIL.