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Timothy Wiley

Lecturer in the STEM College at RMIT University

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Tim has a passion for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. His expertise in is applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to autonomous robotics. His research interests include online learning (learning on-board autonomous robot in real-time as they operates), Human-Robot Interaction (methods for improving the relationship and trust between humans and robots intended to work with humans), Qualitative Modelling and Reasoning (symbolic representations of robot numeric dynamics, and application of these models for determining robot dynamics). His research projects include (1) the DimSim (Deep Intelligence Machine Simulator) in partnership with Rheinmetall Defence Australia focused on developing a physically accurate, virtual simulation environment, able to simulate the function and performance of autonomous vehicles and related systems; and (2) AI assisted Fatigue Crack Modelling with the DTSG. Tim is also the Academic lead for the RMIT RoboCup Soccer Standard Platform League.