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Peter Korošec

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Peter Korošec received his Ph.D. degree from the Jožef Stefan Postgraduate School, Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2006. Since 2002, he has been a researcher at the Computer Systems Department, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana. He developed a multilevel ant-colony optimization algorithm, which was tailored for mixed integer optimization problems with special emphasis on problems with multiple feasible regions and a small number of evaluations. He successfully applied his optimization approaches to several real-world problems in engineering.  From 2007 to 2018, he taught undergraduate and master courses at the University of Primorska. He was also a lecturer at the Summer School on Efficient Multi-Objective Optimisation in 2018. His current areas of research include understanding the principles behind meta-heuristic optimization. He participated in several tutorials related to statistical analysis for optimization algorithms presented at different international conferences (i.e. IJCCI 2018, IEEE SSCI 2019, GECCO 2020, 2021, 2022, PPSN 2020, 2022, IEEE CEC 2021, 2022) and co-organized a workshop on an understanding of evolutionary optimization behavior (IEEE  CEC 2019) and automated algorithm design for evolutionary computation (IEEE CEC 2021, IEEE CEC 2022). He has been leading several industrial, ARRS, and international projects.